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Addressing the challenge of water security    
Advancing technological responses to managing water and effluents    
Ensuring sound water management at Sasol Mining    
Environmentally friendly water use choice at Sasol Temane, Mozambique    
Air pollution    
Reducing air pollution in some of our neighbouring townships    
Reducing the impact of pollutants on communities    
Managing biodiversity in the Bazaruto Archipelago    
Progressive expansion into Papua New Guinea    
Enhancing employee wellbeing    
SHARP launches year-long campaign: “I am part of the solution”    
Equitable economic growth    
Adhering to the Mining Charter (Sasol Mining)    
ChemCity assists suppliers to become part of Sasol’s supply chain    
Meeting the Petroleum and Liquid Fuels Charter (Sasol Oil)    
ORYX GTL : Creating a cleaner fuel through socially responsible practices    
Sasol Mining converts from old to new mining rights    
The Sasol Inzalo Foundation    
General SD issues    
Developing relationships with universities    
Engaging in stakeholder dialogue on sustainability issues    
Fines, penalties and settlements    
Key memberships    
Operations Excellence    
Organisational diagram of Sasol’s SH&E and sustainable development management structure    
Our approach to engaging with stakeholders    
Sasol Group risks    
Sasol’s growth objectives    
Human resources    
Avoiding retrenchments at Sasol Nitro’s Phalaborwa plant    
Employee’s performance and career development reviews    
Sasol recognised for its family-friendly human resources management    
Total workforce by employment type and region    
Joint Ventures    
Sustainability-related risks of our Joint Ventures    
Managing Workforce Diversity    
Promoting diversity in Qatar    
Capacity building on product stewardship in South Africa    
Our life cycle assessments (LCA) of liquid transportation fuels    
Pioneering alternative jet fuel technology    
The new Sasol centre to drive fuels research    
Project Enterprise    
Project Enterprise: Invigorating Sasol’s culture transformation programme    
Promoting ethics and integrity    
Promoting a culture of ethics and integrity within Sasol    
Sasol Oil cooperates with Competition Commission in bitumen pricing case    
Sasol rated highly in ethics reputation index    
Responding to the climate change challenge    
Promoting energy efficiency in our operations     
Q&A with Sasol corporate environmental manager    
Sasol donates carbon credits to help offset World Cup carbon footprint    
The potential risks and opportunities of climate change    
Using algae as a potential alternative energy source    
Fire, Explosion and Release Severity Index (FER-SI)    
Managing our logistics incidents    
Promoting a world-class safety culture at Sasol’s Iran operation    
Promoting SH&E practices in our exploration activities in remote areas    
Skills development    
Cooperating with engineering contractors on skills development    
Environmental training for employees    
Investing in artisans    
Sasol’s Fundani Nathi initiative promoting science education in Zamdela schools    
Sasol’s training programme for chartered accountants    
Waste issues    
Recent legislative developments relating to waste management in South Africa    
Rehabilitation of waste ash site at Sasol Synfuels